In our capacity as full service provider, we’re able to make sensible suggestions as to how companies, investors, farmers and councils may use their respective properties:
For large industrial PV plants, farm land, former mining sites, brownfield areas, unused industrial parks, waste and building rubble disposal sites, former airfields or military conversion areas have proven to be suitable, depending on the applicable subsidies legislation. Greencells will find the right solution for your property, taking into account the qualities of the top soil, infrastructural arrangements and size.

Greencells calculates, designs, implements and operates solar roof facilities of all sizes. We can advise you in relation to detached or semi-detached houses, public buildings, supermarkets, factories and the like. We prepare respective cost-effectiveness analyses and assist during the entirety of the project development and implementation phase, as well as in relation to the maintenance of your plant.

Carports: a clever option for solar installations. You can generate electricity whilst offering your employees and clients a parking lot that is protected from snow, rain and the sun. We can, upon request, deliver and install an electric filling station for e-cars together with the PV installation. The qualities of the surface of the parking lot at hand do not matter in this context. Gravel, broken stone, paving stones, or simply pavement, we’ll find the best foundation for your carport. Moreover, you may benefit from government subsidies, too. We pride ourselves of a large array of tried and tested carport solutions, which were borne out of a need for cost-effectiveness.

The advantages of tracker systems are evident: if you adjust the position of highly efficient and powerful PV modules towards the irradiation of the sun using a single axis or dual axis system, you will generate up to 30% more output, depending on location and other circumstances. We can procure a number of tracker systems which have been tested for several years and can assist with identifying the most sensible choice, depending on latitude, topography and the vegetation prevalent at your individual location. We’ll work out the best foundation variant for your tracker system, in cooperation with the manufacturers. For example, by employing special rotary bases you can facilitate the dismantling of the installation in the future.