The first steps are oftentimes the most important ones. You ought to benefit from our experience and make the most of your investment by letting the best partners cooperate from the beginning.



In order to attain your precise goal, you should opt for a methodical approach, which ought to be determined during an initial consultation. Greencells provides such an initial consultation free of charge. Talk to us – we are happy to explain the intricacies and advantages of making an investment in the renewables sector, as an advisable first step to gaining a 360° perspective.



As strategic consultants, we’re offering advice to decision-makers, businesses and public bodies in an increasingly complex photovoltaic industry. Our consultancy is borne out of experience, a wide network, technical and organisational expertise and a stringent methodology. The focal point of our advisory approach is called Profiling, i.e. a methodical approach to strategic planning tasks by way of using field-tested procedures and models. These make all the difference in crucial moments and will help you to establish a successful business model that is tailored to the specific national and local requirements and circumstances.



Finance is an area in which we’re also able to assist, for example when you’re in the process of collating documentation for a DD or if you’re looking for competitively priced components. We optimise the profitability of your project and negotiate with your bank so as to obtain favourable conditions. If you’re the owner of project rights, we’re able to find bridge finance and to identify potential investors and buyers on your behalf.



Greencells can get you in touch with an international pool of investors so as to make your project succeed within a reasonable time frame. Moreover, Greencells has the liquidity and equity required for the pre-funding and bridge financing of the construction phase – we act swiftly and without any unnecessary bureaucracy. 
We are interested in acquiring project rights for ground-mounted solar plants which the owners do not intend to complete. We are looking for fully developed and partially developed project rights worldwide.

The basis of any solid design is always an accurate analysis of the local environment in terms of location, legislation and financial. Correct yield prognoses are equally part of our offering as is the mastering of technical details.



A soil study is the foundation of any serious PV design, irrespective of whether you’d like to implement a tracker system model or a simple ground-mounted solar plant. We can instruct our geologists to prepare these on short notice if you do not yet have obtained geotechnical reports for the property in question. Once clarity regarding the local environment has been established, we’ll identify the appropriate foundation: screwpile foundations, piling or concrete shoes – only plants that are fitted with the correct foundation will brave all storms and tempests. 



Once a suitable property has been identified and surveyed, Greencells can continue to advance your project in terms of design and construction of a turnkey PV plant. We’ll assemble teams of engineers, finance specialists and project managers which will establish the required operational sequences in cooperation with yourself, following a comprehensive analysis of all aspects of your project. The size of the plant and the type of modules to be installed as well as the correct mounting system depend on the qualities of the property in question. The required design works can commence once these cornerstones have been determined, i.e. the PV layout, the foundation design and the electrical design. However, for quality engineering to reach its full potential, the stakeholders must ensure that all interim milestones of the project have been reached in due course. Should this prove not to be the case at any given time, our team in charge will counter such with approved alternative concepts and efficient project-specific adjustments, for your plant to be connected to the grid in good time.



In the case of ground-mounted plants, test ramming is a crucial part of the design phase. Piles are being rammed into the soil and the force required for removing them again is being determined. This allows us to choose the correct foundation for the plant and to prepare an auditable static analysis. 



We use state-of-the-art, GPS and laser supported measuring methods in order to implement our designs accurately and efficiently. Our motto is “Afford yourself twice as much time for the design phase and you’ll need half the time for building the plant.” Therefore we establish as many marking points as possible, so as to enable a dynamic and precise implementation of the design during the construction phase.



We cater for site security during the construction phase and install the right fencing, gates and remotely controlled alarms. Greencells creates individual security concepts so as to optimise the safety of your plant and investment. This approach also ensures low insurance premiums and sustains the profitability of the plant.



Good order and a helicopter view of the project are a must for keeping the construction schedule. Therefore we also organise the material logistics, which of course comprises the vacation of the site and orderly waste disposal.

This is where our experience comes into the picture. Pile-driving, screwpiles or concrete shoes, installation of frames and modules and electrical works – the construction schedule remains paramount at all times, even where particular solutions are required.



You want your project from one single provider? That would include the earthworks, i.e. forest clearance, the creation of legally prescribed buffer zones, foundations for inverters, construction tracks and loading areas.



Setting up the construction site is part of the process: Greencells provides container storage, office containers and recreational facilities as well as sanitary arrangements and connections for tap water, industrial water and electricity.



Pile driven foundations are the most economical option. We employ sophisticated pile drivers, which allow us to drive all piles commonly used in the industry vertically into the ground, be it Schletter, IPE, UPN, Juwi or C-Profile. Pile driving is the most popular option for soil classes 2 – 5. Our modern equipment allows us to drill, pile-drive, and subsequently refill, should there be an obstacle underneath the surface.



Where the soil is very soft or where adjustments are to be expected due to movements of the soil, screwpiles tend to be a popular choice. Greencells has a wealth of experience as regards the mounting of all types of commonly available screwpiles.