15. April 2015

Greencells Group and Huawei Complete UK Solar Plant Project

Greencells Group has announced it has completed five solar plants in the UK as an Engineering Procurement Construction (EPC) provider, and connected all plants to the National Grid by the end of March. The combined capacity of all projects is 62.5MWp and will help power approximately 20,000 homes in the surrounding regions.


All five projects have already successfully been energised and each plant has been fitted with Huawei’s state-of-the-art string inverters, Smart String PV. Huawei’s string inverters were selected for the projects due to high energy yield, DC Fuse-Free, DC Combiner Box-Free, Fan-Free and Smart String monitoring. As a result, over 2,200 Huawei string inverters have been deployed in the projects. 


Greencells’ and Huawei’s collaboration began in 2014, with a successful pilot project in Landsweiler-Reden, Germany. Last year’s project saw Huawei delivering its string inverters to Greencells in Europe. The new technology will help facilitate the installation of large ground-mounted power plants.


A team of more than 500 Greencells mechanics, engineers and technicians worked to ensure the successful completion of the projects in record time – and both companies are delighted to announce the timely completion. The plants enjoy the benefits of the statutory Renewables Obligation Certificate 1.4 (ROC1.4) scheme. Greencells first entered the UK market 15 months ago and in that time it has deployed over 165MWp capacity, which represents more than 8 percent of the utility-scale market that fall under the UK government’s 1.4ROC scheme.


Andreas Hoffmann, CEO Greencells GmbH: "We are very pleased to have completed these projects in the UK with the help of innovative products from Huawei. The cooperation with Huawei has great value for us. We look expectantly towards a successful future in the UK PV-market."


Guoguang Chen, General Manager Huawei Smart PV Solution Europe: “Huawei is very happy to have worked with Greencells to successfully deliver these projects, bringing the benefits of Huawei’s Smart String PV solution to the UK and Europe. We will continue to integrate information and communication technologies into the PV industry to ensure our customers receive a higher energy yield, higher system reliability and lower system cost.”