04. April 2016

Greencells Group celebrates 1 gigawatt installed capacity

By the turn of the year, Greencells Group of Saarbrücken had built utility-scale solar plants with aggregate capacity of 1GWp. These plants taken together could, in the absence of unfavourable weather conditions, provide a large city such as San Francisco with emissionfree electricity. 


An important factor for this our success was our market entry in the United Kingdom at the beginning of 2014. Since then, in the last two years alone, 182.5 megawatt have been installed as either EPC or GC assignments. Whilst there was a palpable decrease in German solar projects, Greencells has experienced substantial growth by way of pursuing a more global outlook.


This trend will continue. In 2016, Greencells has built ground-mounted solar plants with an aggregate capacity of more than 100 MWp in England which have been connected to the grid under the 1.3 ROC scheme (i.e. until the end of March 2016) and we will connect another 90 MWp to the grid until the end of the year. Greencells expects to increase its track record to 1.3 Gwp by the end of the business year 2016.

Greencells' CEO Andreas Hoffmann: "Reaching 1 gigawatt capacity was an important milestone of our company and we are proud to have achieved this in such a short time. This proves that United Kingdom market entry was the right decision and that we are able to prove ourselves on the international stage. The US, the Philippines and the MENA region are equally promising markets in which we are going to establisch ourselves."


(Marvin Reitler – Industrial Manager)